Aria is a contemporary and versatile modern kitchen.

Aria by Arredo3 is a  contemporary and versatile modern kitchen. It is light with rigorous, minimalist and simple lines and materials such as PET and laminates. The raised base units on a metal frame appear to be suspended, theframe doors with a narrow frame are almost invisible, the wainscoting has ultra-narrow shelves and the closing side panels are just 12 mm thick.For those who want airy spaces with lightweight suspended elements. Be inspired by the Aria compositions below!

Aria reinterprets the perception of space through new compositional elements with versatility, meeting the needs of contemporary living spaces and creating new convivial contexts. It is the expression of the most contemporary mood that sees new details such as raised base units on a metal frame defined by details with increasingly essential lines, such as doors with a minimal edge.
A structured composition, which engages and amazes, defines the space all around thanks to the maxi raised central island with a hob and sink.
The two modules with the new open deep drawers, with a shaped front, also have a raised base. The wide tall unit system, with a double oven, offers maximum freedom for working in the kitchen and striking visual impact.
Much refined elegance is concentrated in this composition. Simple yet at the cutting-edge, it goes beyond the concept of modernity with the right balance of proportions.

The set of tall units, with a double oven, equipped exclusively with doors, becomes a reference point for the raised deep drawer base units and a series of wall units with a push-pull opening, combined with Air open modules.

The suspended Air metal modules, 3 mm thick, are open at the sides: this detail enhances its modularity and creates a variation of the classic closed module, thus highlighting the concept of lightness that is characteristic of the entire collection.