Kalì is the bestselling modern kitchen, as it is highly customisable.

Kalì is the bestselling modern kitchen by Arredo3, as it is highly customisable. You can create it as you like, thanks to contemporary elements, such as the 30° handle grip, grip-profile opening system and many finishes. These include PET and Fenix, practical state-of-the-art materials, as well as various laminates. With the help of our designers, Kalì becomes your kitchen. Its ability to interpret your needs makes it unique. Versatility and finishes for those who want to express themselves. Below, you can discover two examples of Kalì arising from very different requests.

A highly resistant Detkon Sirius countertop, new Profilo handles with titanium finish and PET base units with a new stainless steel effect.

Kalì expresses your personality and reveals it in the kitchen, thanks to the new integrated handle and the addition of 10 new finishes, making a total of more than 39 to choose from.

The new stainless steel effect of the PET base units with ultra-contemporary appeal and the new titanuim handles, skirting board, Factory bookcase and open elements are effortlessly accompanied by the highly resistant Detkon Sirius countertop, adding great character to the room. The Walnut laminate of the snack top, back panels and tall units, W. 60 cm or 75 cm, softens the cold effect of metal.

Matt blackboard maxximatt, titanium grip profiles and American walnut laminate.Matt blackboard maxximatt base units, enhanced with the new brass handle blend with a black stone Unicolor laminate countertop and back panels for a simple yet luxurious overall effect.

American walnut laminate panels and special drawers, H. 24 cm, interrupt the flow of this composition, making it unique and distinctive.